Globally Sourced High Quality Ingredients

JQ Wellbeing partners with our global leading suppliers to ensure our products are produced with only high-quality ingredients complying with our strict policy in selecting ingredients.

Our accredited Quality Management System (QMS) policy ensures that no compromises are made from our raw material selection to our finished products.

Our Procurement team is professionally trained and safely outsource materials worldwide. We value transparency in our supply chain that is aligned with our procurement policy. 


We passionately believe that women’s beauty radiates from inside out regardless of their age.

We comprehensively understand that health and wellbeing of beauty should always be an everlasting investment for women.

Thus, our Forinfant nutraceutical series are solely developed and formulated by our experts for women’s skin health, fertility nourishment, and general wellbeing.

All Forinfant products are formulated according to the current scientific research with the finest nutritional ratio and produced through a stringent selection of raw materials from our global suppliers.

Our Australian certified Food Safety Programs ensures the quality and efficacy for each of our Forinfant products.

Coco Mum

Our Coco Mum nutraceutical series are developed and formulated to perfection by our experts for the health of children as well as pregnant and postpartum women.

We comprehend the importance of the growth and development of our future generations alongside the amazing fertility journey which requires all essential nutrients, as they rely on the innovative and creative approaches to support their health and wellbeing.  

Our R&D team is committed to enhance the formulation of Coco Mum to satisfy the needs of pregnant women and future generations by being on par with the latest discovery of health products. 


Ageing is inevitable. However, we can control the ageing process through a healthy lifestyle, an adequate dietary intake as well as the intake functional supplements. Consequently, the contingency of having chronic illnesses is reduced. 

Delaa nutraceutical series focuses on enhancing the general wellbeing and mitigating the chronic conditions in senior group.  

In order to address the common health conditions among elderly group, our R&D team has conducted extensive research for to optimise Delaa’s product formulation. 

We truly care about the health and wellbeing of senior group to deserve a healthier and happier life being the pivotal figures of their loving families.